Foxwatch 2015 - Part 2

Written by Matt Farmer on .

MS 1

She’s back and she brought her boyfriend.

I happened to stand up after finishing watching Jurassic Park and they were both stood in the road. She went and sat firmly in the pavement in the middle of our driveway while he paced about nervously (and nearly got run over by a passing car).

When he eventually went over to her she ran down our driveway so he had to follow again. I legged it to the back door just as she came through the gate and waited for him to come in too.

She sat in her usual spot on the lawn while he inspected the garden and had a drink. Once he was happy she went and settled down in the bush and he followed her and disappeared behind the shed. As far as I’m aware They’re both still there.

Thanks to fukinny, I have decided to name them Mulder and Scully.

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