Hourly Comic Day 2017

Written by Matt Farmer on .

hcd 1
5AM: Woke up, then slept badly. Weird dreams about tentacles.
7:45: Gave up trying to sleep. Waited for my alarm to go off.

hcd 2
8AM: Check my phone and play some games for daily bonuses.

hcd 3
9AM: Put some washing on. Got some breakfast.

hcd 4
9:45: Brush teeth, shave, shower, get dressed.

hcd 5
10:25: Quickly hang up washing and head out to work.

hcd 6
10:45: Playing Pokémon Go and reading The Gunslinger on the bus.
11:30: Man has the side open on the photoboth under the station. If it IS a secret entrance to secret spy headquarters, it's very well disguised.

hcd 7
12:05: Exciting website statistics!
13:05: Watched a new trailer for the Nintendo Switch. Exciting!

hcd 8
13:40: Uploading the Portsmouth Ambassador Forum video to Youtube and updating the website.
15:40: Finish work and walk to the comic shop. Catching Pokémon (Another fucking Magnemite!)

hcd 9
16:05: Comic shop time at Room 237.
16:30: Decide to have a wander around Southsea.
16:31: Look at weather app and immediately change my mind.

hcd 10
16:45: Pokémon Go on the bus home. Hatch lots of eggs, but still no Togepi.
17:45: Finally Home! Eat a biscuit. Have to share a biscuit with Mif.

hcd 11
18:05: Clean out the rabbit cage. Mif has a good scamper round the kitchen.
18:55:  Attempt to trim Mif's nails. Only manage to do her hands before she's had enough.

hcd 12
19:05: Put on the Daily Show and finally get around to starting my hourlies!
19:30: Colbert. More drawing. Jon Stewart appears as Trump.

hcd 13
20:00: Watched The Addams Family with dinner.

hcd 14
20:45: Back to drawing. Found the source of this morning's tentacle dreams...

hcd 15
21:10: Gotham and drawing
21:55: Agents of SHIELD and drawing

hcd 16
22:40: Supergirl and finishing drawing.
23:25: Reading comics in bed!


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