Foxwatch Update - June 2017

Written by Matt Farmer on .

DSC 8969 CCW

At 2:40 this morning I was woken by a weird barking noise.

Looking out the window I found Scully sat in the middle of the road having a good shout. Shortly after Mulder appeared, followed by two cubs!

After they'd all sniffed about each other and made sure everyone was accounted for, Mulder walked about 20 metres down the road and sat facing Scully. They both supervised while the kids wandered around, had a lay down on the pavement, and started playfighting with each other and Scully.

After about 10 minutes they all had to clear out of the road because a milk delivery van drove past, then Scully and the cubs disappeared. Mulder sat back in the road, looked around, realised everyone else had gone, then headed down the road on his own.
I think they must have been giving the cubs a tour of their territory, and getting them used to being out.

I only managed to get the above, out of focus photo of Mulder through my window, but I'm going to try and do a drawing of him from it.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Apparently it was three cubs, but I could only see two at a time from where I was.


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