I've been working on a thing

Written by Matt Farmer on .

Southsea Birds WiP1

I've spent my evening on this work in progress. It's one I've been meaning to do all summer.

I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow.


Foxwatch 2015 - Part 5

Written by Matt Farmer on .

Scully 1

In the middle of dinner the bird started flapping and squawking. We went to check on it, and found a fox staring at it through the window.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera handy so had to snap these on my phone.

Initially I thought it was a new, young fox (Reyes?) as she looks much thinner and younger than Scully, but on the one shot where you can see her front right paw as she’s looking through the gate, it looks like she’s got Scully’s raised middle toe.

I’ve not seen either Mulder or Scully for a while, so maybe she had a fluffier winter coat when I’ve seen her previously, and now she’s shed it to a sleeker summer coat? Do foxes do that?


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